Successful social projects in the environmental field

Mr. PLANK: Excellent cooperation with the Emmaus Community

St. Poelten (2008-11-19) Link to P3TV report.
"We in Lower Austria wish to become a social model region in Europe. It is a matter of combining protection of environment and creation of awareness with social responsibility for the people, finding activities and products, which create an economically reliable base for useful work", Provincial Counsel Mr. Josef Plank declared at the occasion of his visit to the Emmaus Carpenter's in St. Poelten on that day.

There is an excellent cooperation with the Emmaus Carpenter's in Lower Austria. For instance, in St. Poelten precious paintboxes for the creative competition "with the Colours of the Earth" have been produced. 500 of these paintboxes have up to now been produced at the Emmaus Carpenter's at Viehofen, where mainly long-term unemployed and young people are employed, and distributed to schools all over the province.

The paintbox "... with the Colours oft he Earth" is sold for EUR 88.00.
For ordering this paintbox, click here: online order form.

Or order directly at the producers‘:
Emmaus Carpenter's, Ortweingasse 2-4
A-3107 St. Poelten-Viehofen
tel.: +43-(0)2742-31 990-620
fax: +43-(0)2742-31 990-601

The Emmaus Community in Lilienfeld is in turn specialized on the disposal of used plastic refuse bins. More than 10,000 "recycled snow shovels" have been produced by the Lower Austrian waste associations within the framework of a Europe-wide patent. These high-quality snow shovels are mounted and dispatched by the youth occupation project "AVM" in St. Valentin.
Currently, the members of Emmaus in Lilienfeld are testing some new products made of recycled refuse bins.

"On the whole, in the past two years we have moved a volume of about EUR 100,000 to social institutions only through the projects mentioned here", Mr. Plank emphasized.
The „recycled snow shovel" can be obtained in 5 model variants, click here:


Association BIENE
(Boden- Bioenergie- und Nachhaltigkeits Netzwerk NÖ|EU)

Ing. Klemens Rybaczek
Braiten 5
A-3153 Eschenau

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