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Martha Hahn - Mary s Meals

Text below: Martha Hahn (on the left) is handing over the collected returns of the gift bags, which she made out of the Lower Austrian Soil Art Calenders *) and which were sold to schools and interested private persons, to Milona von Habsburg and Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the founder of "Mary's Meals".


Mary's Meals is an unconventional, simple and effective way to facilitate one daily meal for starving children. In twelve of the poorest countries in the world, currently Mary's Meals buy basic food with donated money only, such as crops and sweet corn, vitamins and micronutrients, and the food is transformed into a nourishing mash by the mothers.

On account of their daily meals, the children are able to attend school on a regular basis, instead of looking for food or working. Their performances at school have improved considerably, which makes it clear that the problem of poverty and misery can be overcome simply by providing food and offering the opportunity for school attendance on a regular basis.

With a large number of volunteers and the mothers of the children on top, Mary's Meals proves that helping others to help themselves is the best and most efficient way to relieve want. (You will find further information under


Ms. Martha Hahn from Wilhelmsburg has for quite some time been committed to supporting „Mary's Meals". With much talent and time-consuming work she forms very beautiful gift bags, envelopes and little boxes out of old calendar pages. The pieces of art have up to now solely been sold in her own circle of acquaintances, and 100 % of the returns are given as a donation.


Let us support this initiative by Ms. Martha Hahn:

Under you can order gift bags made of Soil Art Calendars, and very soon more „recycled pieces of art". Make use of this opportunity, and recommend these products to others!

This way to the order shop.


*) as it is the case with any delivery from print offices, also in the case of the "Lower Austrian Soil Art Calendar" there were produced some proof copies, excess copies and faulty copies. Instead of disposing of these calendars (as the common procedure actually goes), the Department of Rural Development has found Ms. Martha Hahn! She uses each single page, which can still be used, and forms the paintings into gift bags, envelopes, and other pieces of art.


This is not only a contribution to sustainability, but in connection with the total delivery of her returns to the poorest people in the world, it is also a strong sign of living solidarity!

The SOILart editorial staff give their thanks to Ms. Martha Hahn for her applaudable contribution.



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