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In this place best practices and current "soil of the art" experiences are presented concerning a sustainable, social and artistic treatment of the topic of soil, as well as in particular cross-border "Painting with the Colours of the Earth".

Using the Colours of the Earth teaches us a conscious and responsible treatment of soil in an artistic manner, and facilitates the recognition of the importance of soil in many aspects of our lives. Soil is the material, on which we walk, build our houses and streets, in which our plants grow, which stores our water, filters it and renders it potable. Soil makes visible changes in natural and cultural history.

Video Clips from the 28th Conference of the Danube Countries / Soil Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes

Tulln 15th and 16th of September 2021

Here you can find the Video Clips from the 27th Conference of the Danube Countries.

Copyright for the Videos: NÖ Agrarbezirksbehörde, Fachabteilung Landentwicklung


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