The paintbox " ... with the Colours of the Earth" may be acquired for EUR 88.00.

It contains ten glasses with five colour pigments each and the appropriate structure material, which were extracted from domestic soils. The paintbox is a "refill product". This means that the 10 glasses containing colour pigments and structure material, respectively, can be replaced and / or refilled.

The paintbox "... with the Colours of the Earth" is produced, filled, stored and dispatched at the Emmaus Carpenter's in St. Poelten (the foils affixed were produced at the sheltered workshop in St. Poelten).

Click here to order this paintbox directly via online order form.

Or order directly at the producers‘:
Emmaus Carpenter's, Ortweingasse 2-4
A-3107 St. Poelten-Viehofen

tel.: +43-(0)2742-31 990-620
fax: +43-(0)2742-31 990-601


Association BIENE
(Boden- Bioenergie- und Nachhaltigkeits Netzwerk NÖ|EU)

Ing. Klemens Rybaczek
Braiten 5
A-3153 Eschenau

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