Lower Austria is leading soil protection region in Europe

Mr. PLANK presented Soil Art Calendar 2008 on the World Soil Day

St. Poelten (2008-12-03) "Soil is an important resource, because it cannot be increased. It is a symbol of "observing moderation", which we need with respect to the basis of human life altogether. The new Soil Art Calendar provides a new, creative and emotional access to soil protection and most of all to the people, who deal with soil", Provincial Counsel Josef Plank declared on this day at the occasion of presenting the Calendar in St. Poelten.


Association BIENE
(Boden- Bioenergie- und Nachhaltigkeits Netzwerk NÖ|EU)

Ing. Klemens Rybaczek
Braiten 5
A-3153 Eschenau
Email: office@biene-netzwerk.at

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