Soilhealth and Food - 27th Conference of the Working Community of the Danube Region


Best Practices & Multiplier training for EU-Mission Soil Health and Food - innovate, demonstrate & communicate

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Soil is the foundation of terrestrial life. Preserving healthy soils that can deliver all services for the global biogeochemical cycles, the functioning of ecosystems and human demands is equally important as combating climate change.

This conference is dedicated to explore the close connection between soil and human health. Based on an assessment of the soils´ health status ("health check and diagnosis" - soil monitoring) we will discuss innovations for sustainable use and protection ("guidelines for healthy life"), and rehabilitation ("vaccination, surgery and cure") of soils, and related aspects of demonstration and communication to stakeholders and the public.

The conference programme comprises presentations by scientists and innovative practitioners, workshops at BOKU´s University and Research Centre Tulln (UFT) and field excursions to the Grand Farm and the Experimental Station Zinsenhof, all located in Lower Austria. With this format, the conference will serve as open forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and know-how between different groups of stakeholders interested in sustaining soil health for future generations. Moreover, it is deemed to bring together participants from Danube countries and other parts of the world to share experiences about soil health and its preservation in differential environmental and societal context.


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