Projects of the Lower Austrian Landscape Fund: ERDKomm (Communication about soil) and BME (soil missionary earth colours)

Earth colours extracted directly from the soil - natural colour pigments as they have been used for thousands of years - can contribute to a deepening and improvement of soil awareness. From 2008 to 2014, more than 100,000 people, especially children and young people from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia worked with earth colours from Lower Austria, painted in creative competitions and at information stands and thus also found more connection to "their soil".

Thanks to the ERDKomm project, more than 100kg of earth colors have now been recovered for further use. The working group of the European Union "EU Missionboard for soil health and food" has also expressed interest in earth colors as a tool for soil awareness and an intensive exchange took place within the framework of the international Danube countries conferences in Tulln.
The project BME aims to make the Lower Austrian earth colours better known to multipliers and educators and to find buyers who want to use them in education and training. This creates a practice-oriented "earth colour network".
In cooperation with the EU mission "Soil Deal for Europe", these Lower Austrian earth colour activities are linked with the experiences of other "flagship projects" of the mission. Cooperations will be developed and will be basis for internationalizing the Lower Austria best practice model. The knowledge gained will flow into the next Danube countries conferences and will also supplement and expand the network that already exists there.

This spring, another Austrian region started its own "Earth Colours Soil Mission". The core team of the Fürstenfeld hands-on region (Styria) has been meeting for almost a year. It is about designing low-threshold, needs-oriented changes for the region. Ideas were collected for four fields of activity and ways were sought to bring them powerfully to life. The careful handling of soil and the dedicated use of earth colours according to the proven Lower Austrian concept are part of it.


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